Video production is undertaken at all levels of development, from script to media delivery. We can develop a script, shoot and edit the video, post produce edits with effects, animation with voice over and titles. Encoding the output to any system online, projection or transmission. We can supply any of these services independently if required such as working for agencies like Saatchi and Grey.

Many clients integrate their filmed output via YouTube or Vimeo for delivery from their website or email campaign. Proctor and Gamble often combine their output to instore interactive displays and multilingual worldwide delivery. Dual purpose use is often specified where the content in packaged for a conference PowerPoint delivery and then re-rendered for online web presentation.


Filming takes place using state of the art cameras running at full high definition, or the new 4k standard for special applications. Specialised filming using high speed cameras and periscope lenses can deliver those unusual shots for dramatic effects. Multi-camera live events are recorded for post-production or live mixing and webcast or satellite transmission. The use of crane arms or specific tripods is also useful for sports and music events. Time lapse, slow motion and macro filming are popular to accentuate products and features.

Special Effects, Animation

Editing post production is seamlessly transferred to the special effect unit to add all the high quality effect you see at the cinema, if you can imagine it we can generally produce it!

We have a vast array of stock effects and material which can dramatically enhance your production at a very cost effective delivery.

2D animation is catered for using Adobe After Effects with a wide range of plugins to add sparkle or education to any film production. The ability to integrate the video with other artwork add to highly polished production.

3D animation is focussed around 3D Studio Max/Maya animation and can easily integrate client CAD data (directly or translated) to bring to life engineering components and systems to life. Architectural data can be imported to provide a fly through of a future development. Animation or body systems give an insight to systems that can’t visualised in any other way.

Using the same data translation for further use in virtual reality and augmented reality for shows and exhibitions.

Multi Camera

Multi camera shoots are used where there is only one change to capture the event such a TV sports programme or music concert. Typically, these events require multi-channel audio recording to compliment the visuals. The event may be recorded for post editing or mixed live at the event.


Aerial footage is becoming more popular with clients. The normal helicopter filming we undertake is expensive at £500/hour as the twin engine requirements from the CAA requires expensive machines and suspension jigs for the camera. Our drone footage is significantly less expensive but be aware or CAA restrictions of height (typically 400ft) and avoidance of the public (150m). 

Footage and photographs can add a dramatic bonus to productions so should be considered where appropriate benefit is warranted.

Tyne Media Video Portfolio