Tynemedia are now exclusively digital photographers using industry standard post production techniques (Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom). We have a vast array of experience from studio shot for Procter and Gamble who mix the photography with computer generated material to press shoots for issuing to local, national and international publications.

Drone and remote control camera shots can use where access is difficult. Techniques using multiple exposures where lighting is difficult (HDRI – high dynamic range images) and focus racking where several areas need to be in focus are also available. Stitching images to create panoramas and 360 degree photos are undertaken where difficult locations are presented.


Tynemedia have produced corporate photography for many blue chip clients including Nexus, NHS, Procter and Gamble, National Apprenticeship Service, for use in promotion, brochures, posters and PowerPoint presentations.


Press photography for all publications both traditional and on-line is available for launches, PR campaigns, events and conferences. Processing can be completed on site and uploaded for press or corporate availability. Tynemedia has contacts with local and national press organisations for easy connection and transmission.


Scenic photography is available using time-lapse and panorama techniques. Aerial photography of buildings and sitemaps is also produced.

Combined photographs using 'stitching techniques' provide a unique solution to restrict space. These may be panoramas or 360 degree images. Additionally, high dynamic range can compensate for high contrast situations with dark foreground and bright skies. Correction of verticals is achievable if ortho project is needed for architectural work.


Tynemedia produce a range of portrait solutions for wide range of applications. For corporate brochure and websites either in traditional studio setting or on location in the working environment.

Typical work in this sector is accompanied by post production to give a studio finish not just for models but for all photography. Stylised black and white techniques often provide an alternative perspective.


The studio pride itself on the integration of other media into its work whether generated by vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator, 3D generated in Studio Max or AutoCAD for architectural simulation. Stylised black and white or tinted photographs for print or online purposes, and reconstruction of historic photographs damaged over time. Airbrushing of model to a high standard is undertaken for clients such as Max Fact, Olay, Lipfinity and many cosmetic brands. Work has been completed to map new architectural designs into existing environments both from the ground and aerial photography for planning permission purposes. Racked macro photography uses a range of focussed images combined to produce a depth of field not possible by conventional techniques.


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